Interactive Narrative Graphics & Visualization

The Interactive Visualization is a new set of features within the MINT UI.

Inside MINT model outputs (as threads) are visualized within the flow of modeler tasks. These visualizations are also included in the reporting tool for MINT.

In addition, a user can access the dashboard visualizations outside the MINT system. Where a user may load their own data or view model outputs using the unique Thread ID generated by the MINT system and connected to the provenance of the process.

Early dashboards are best suited to flattened table data with some geospatial features. Future versions will expand the options for viewing both spatial and non-spatial information.

View Model Threads or Load Data from other Systems:

Build Parallel Coordinates Visualization with Geospatial Points

Line Graphs

 Upload Data & View Scatterplots

Geospatial datasets and load your own data

*These links may shift due to the rapidly changing UI

EXAMPLE USE CASE – Visualize river discharge data [CHALLENGE TEAM LOOK HERE]

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 9.16.24 AM

More to come: 

  • Narrative Graphics Quickstart Guide
  • Data preparation and formatting for visualization
  • Upload data to view in ING dashboard templates (currently allows files >150MB, larger datasets must be registered in the MINT Data Catalog)
  • Narrative Graphics Library–example MINT narratives and visualizations that show useful modeling and analysis workflows in MINT